Breaking News! Baseball Player Signs Ridiculous Contract!

I'm so excited to tell you this I might as well just copy and paste the fucker:
» 12/28/06 1:16pm 12/28/06 1:16pm

Man, this is phenomenal news for the Giants. I mean, I'm no Peter Gammons, but you throw a WILD-FIRE like Zito in between the ROCK-SOLID Rick Reuschel, and the ROCK-SOLID Don Robinson, and well... you've got yourself quite the 1-2-3…

Basketball Day? Pfft. Let's Talk Hockey!

I'm Canadian, but I despise ice hockey. While I mostly hold my thrifty parents responsible for this sad, but true fact — they refused to register me in "such an expensive sport" — I guess some of the blame has to fall on my weak-ass ankles, too. Yeah, I can't skate worth a shit. I can't turn in skates; I can't stop… » 12/28/06 10:25am 12/28/06 10:25am